Omnichannel. Great. Another abstract marketing term. As unfortunate as that is, we have to talk about it.  We think its important.  It started at our agency when we began the process of defining what we wanted this advertising agency to be.  Particularly with the growing importance of digital media, while at the same time not undermining the ongoing priority and importance of traditional media. In our research and soul searching, we discovered a term starting to take hold in the industry. We realized that -as much as we may not like the term itself – this term “omnichannel” means something important and valuable to our clients.

Quinn Group has historically provided a strong set of capabilities centered around traditional media (television, radio, print, outdoor, etc..), like most ad agencies.  While we’ve done our fair amount of digital campaigns, we realized that we were only scratching the surface of the capabilities and power of digital advertising. The challenge we faced was not uncommon; despite a long and storied history of creating advertising strategies and campaigns across television, radio, print and outdoor for decades; digital presented new challenges and required different processes and skills to fully utilize this new media to its full capacity.  This primarily comes down to an experience and ability gap.  Another barrier was the previously limited digital capabilities for local advertisers.   This latter barrier has largely been resolved through the ongoing efforts of many technology and advertising companies, with Google and Facebook leading the way, but the entire ‘programmatic’ revolution really opening up opportunities never before available to local advertisers.

With the obstacles previously presented in technology, access, and tools mostly solved for, the remaining gap comes down to skills and experience (and the necessary process and framework to manage and integrate digital campaigns into the agency operations and client campaigns).  To resolve this gap, Quinn Group was fortunate and have been able to bring in a digital advertising pioneer who has been working in various forms of digital media and national agencies since the late ‘90’s.  With this leadership in place we assembled a true digital team through external recruiting and internal training.

The result of this is an integrated digital and traditional media team – omnichannel. But not limited to merely media, an omnichannel approach impacts the messaging, creative, and overall strategy.  Our philosophy is that audiences now seamlessly engage with media cross traditional and digital channels. We believe that your strategy should be created and managed with that same sense of seamless integration.

We felt that this shift was so profound, that it required a new brand, and therefore Quinn Group has evolved into QUINN; an ‘omnichannel’ agency.  We have an agency model that incorporates both digital and traditional channels in its capabilities for all advertising services as a proprietary function within the agency.

We did not create this term “Omnichannel” and we’re not the first agency in the country to adopt this model but we are certain we won’t be the last; We don’t believe that advertisers and marketers will be content with separate agencies of vendors supporting their traditional and digital marketing.

If you’d like to know more about our approach, drop us a line and we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss how a fully integrated traditional and digital approach (or, ugh, ‘omnichannel’) can support your organization’s objectives.