Quinn Group is gone. QUINN replaces it.  So what’s different – other than dropping the ‘group’ thing?

A lot has changed since Gerald Quinn Sr and Donna Lipe formed their agency from which we trace our routes back in the late ’60s.  Because of those changes, QUINN, Quinn Lipe, Quinn Group, etc… has always evolved and changed. But recent trends and shifts in marketing and audience behaviour represent a profound change and it was not only appropriate but necessary that the agency model evolve to adapt ourselves to those changes.  There are several key attributes that make QUINN different than Quinn Group, and through our new brand identity we wanted to convey those changes.  Here are some of the key brand attributes that define QUINN and make it substantially different than the agency it was before.

QUINN is “all-caps”.

Why? Are we just being cute? Yes. But there’s more to it.  QUINN is not about “the Quinns”. It’s about an idea, a promise, and position we’ve decided to take as an agency.  So we need to get past the individual implications of an agency named after it’s owner/principal, and move to something more iconic.  However, you don’t abandon a name that’s been a mainstay in a competitive market for nearly 50 years.  Our solution to this dilemma was to move to a single name (no ‘group’) but put it in all caps.  When you capitalize each letter of a word, it de-personalizes it.  Think of it this way: “Bush” versus “BUSH”.  You think of two different things, right? Science.


We intentionally went with a very monochromatic and muted color scheme for the logo. Not because we’re big fans of “50 Shades of Grey” (Hah! As if! Get your head out of the gutter! You’re supposed to be working.), but we believe that an agency should put the focus on it’s clients, not the agency. By using muted colors and a monochromatic scheme, we are letting our clients demonstrate their brand in full, living, color.  They shine – we are in the background supporting their brand.


Why does the QUINN brand have a square around it? Because it looked better than a circle. Okay, but seriously, either a circle or a square meant something to us in the design process.  For one, the square around the name is meant to be symbolic of the idea of completion, or in the case of an agency that it encompasess ‘full-service, holistic, and integrated’ solutions – it’s all ‘in the square‘.  One of the biggest changes in the evolution from Quinn Group to QUINN has been the investment and growth of our digital media team.  But having a digital media team alone is not enough; they need to be integrated and managed both in terms of strategy and operations with traditional media.  Objective and holistic media decisions made at the planning and analysis level.  Not arbitrary, but goal driven. Likewise for creative and messaging strategies, as well as production. No department or role can be a ‘traditional’ or ‘digital’ only island. Those days are over.

The reason a square works better than a circle? A square has four distinct edges.  If you look at our approach to strategy, creative, production, branding, etc.. we like to produce work that stands out. That doesn’t always make it the best looking ad in an art contest, but we’re focused on reaching customers, not our peers. It also means that, like the four sharp corners of a square, we have clear point of view and perspective of the things we recommend, do, and deliver for our clients.  But we’re nice about it. Life’s too short to be a jerk.

These are a few of the driving considerations behind our new brand and identity and our vision for the type of agency that, we hope, will continue to grow and succeed for the at least another 47 years.