Congrats to Huckleberry’s Natural Market, Trevor Sullivan, Vic Holman and Amy Cutler from QUINN winning a Gold Addy Award and Best of Division for the print category for the Huckleberry’s Newspaper Campaign!

We are honored to win this award for long-time QUINN client Huckleberry’s Natural Market in a very competitive print category.  The Huckleberry’s print campaign utilized an innovative design methodology to communicate through imagery and typeface the culture and values of Huckleberry’s Natural Market. Every ad in the series used graphical elements and imagery to promote the fresh, organic, and healthy lifestyle choices available at Huckleberry’s, while also being able to effectively promote multiple weekly sale items.  The ads don’t just look outstanding; they work.  Huckleberry’s continues to report year-over-year increases and we expect that their unique positioning through this newspaper campaign is helping to contribute to this growth.

We are all very honored to receive this award, and are very proud of all the long hours that Trevor, Vic and Amy put into making this an outstanding and successful campaign for Huckleberry’s.  We are also grateful to Huckleberry’s Natural Market and the great clients we get to work with at that innovative organization.  Thank you Huckleberry’s!