eMarketer has updated its data on how adults spend their time with media.  I’ve often used this data as a benchmark to get the direction of overall media trends – this is a very dynamic time!  eMarketer’s  2016 update doesn’t change previous trends a lot. In fact, they point out that the rate of growth of the share of time that adults spend with digital media has slowed; digital only increased by one and half percent to stand at 48% of all media consumption time. However, that needs to be seen in the context of its rapid growth over the past five to seven years!

As the chart below shows, most of this change is a result in the growth and widespread usage among all adults of mobile smartphones. When I compare this data to previous versions from eMarketer, two of the major adjustments they’ve made this year have been reducing television share and increasing radio share from previous models.

The bottom line, as this chart reveals, is that digital is now here to stay and as many of us can attest, is something we consume a lot more than any of us probably ever realized!

Source: eMarketer 2016