The quaint and idyllic neighborhood of Garland has been overrun with Pokemon Go mania!  The Pencil is apparently a rather popular Pokemon Gym! It’s been a blast to watch a stream of diligent Pokemon Go! players gather at the pencil. Even our own Saraj & Sarah were caught in the act! They are not the only ones in the office who are in on this whole craze.  In fact, it seems like half the Garland Business District is going Pokemon crazy!  Which is why we love our little office in the Garland District.

So if you need to catch one more Poke-thing or Digi-thing, swing by The Pencil at 727 W. Garland; then grab a cup of joe at The Gathering House, a sundae at Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle, or a great meal at Ferguson’s Diner (or both), grab a second-hand book or catch a movie, and then when you’re done eating, drinking, shopping and, uh, “poke-ing”, drop into our office and say “hi”.

You’re in Garland.  And just like Pikachu, YOU are always welcome around here.

Plus….Free Parking!