Short Lines, Small Cost…Big Results!

The beauty of social media is inexpensively meeting your customers at the right time with the right message.

Here you see a great success QUINN secured for Mustard Seed. We created a campaign that ‘Newsjacked’ ( that is; hijacked news stories) popular summer movies and connected them with popular dishes at Mustard Seed – resulting in an inclusive evening with Mustard Seed at the center.

Social Media newsjacking

Since the movies were playing in the same mall as Mustard Seed, we were able to us Social Media to inspire likely moviegoers to include a restaurant they loved with a fun evening at the movies.

The advertising principal used in this case is that people do what they can easily see themselves doing. If any of the movies were already on their mind – than stopping first for dinner at Mustard Seed becomes as easy as falling down. Which… is pretty easy.

News Jacking Social Media

These inexpensive campaigns reached over 40,000 potential diners on Facebook within a short driving distance of the restaurant. Even more importantly, was their success at driving incremental diners at Mustard Seed!   The number of “likes” and shares of the posts in this campaign were twice the normal rate of typical promotional posts – demonstrating the impact that the right creative or message, targeted to the right audience, can have an amazing impact!

Now…aren’t you hungry for some results like that?

social media newsjacking