Things have definitely not been quiet at the office lately. If you’ve ever visited our office at 727 W. Garland in the past 37 years you will have entered a building sub-divided to support two or three separate companies, multiple enclosed offices, narrow hallways, classic late 1970’s faux-wood trim, suspended acoustic ceiling tile, and all the patchwork ‘updates’ that 37 years can generate.   On the list of items to do at the agency for years is to improve the office.  This year, the process started out slow; an update to the Men’s room, removal of a few of the free-standing (non load bearing) walls in the back, and a fun game of architectural CSI where we attempt to piece together the strange puzzle a history of permits and materials going back to its construction in 1931.

Originally built as a Safeway store in the late 1920’s, the legend at the office was that there are high ceilings, a large, unobstructed open space, and some classic casement-style transom windows hidden under the layers of seventies remodels.

The below photo from Groceteria is representative of a small Safeway store from the 1920’s (years of searching have not uncovered an actual photo of 727 W. Garland).

Was it true? We are finding out!

The first thing that we had to have done was to fix our roof. Yes, it would leak and was showing its age.  This aerial photo shows the nice new white roof!

And we did discover that underneath the plywood facade there were indeed casement transom windows!

On the inside, the back of the office was the initial ‘test case’ to see what we had. The walls and ceilings were covered in lathe and plaster, but we made the choice to expose the old structure and remove this material from the ceiling. The below photo shows the new ductwork and the exposed rafters.

And then it was time to ‘tear down the walls’ (no Gorby this time!). The fun part, and finally the big reveal of what lies beneath (hopefully not a psycho Harrison Ford). Below is the infamous long, narrow hallway entrance to our office. Thankfully now opened up!

Removing what was once the old conference room wall looking into the reception area.

As this adventure unfolds, the hopes of what can be start to be realized, albeit not without a few bumps here and there.  Notice the full transom lights? The original wood floors? We are excited! We also apologize for the inconvenience during this time. Pretty exciting!