QUINN’s ability to develop strategic advertising solutions in multiple categories demonstrates our profound commitment to cross-vertical best practices and marketing foundations. There are few verticals where we have not had deep experience, and our success and knowledge from our various partnerships helps to make us a stronger partner to support your goals. Below are selected advertiser and clients for whom QUINN has delivered various branding, direct marketing, media planning, digital marketing, logo design and other tactics to help our clients exceed their expectations of an agency. Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll be glad to share with you in more detail what we’ve learned and how we can help your business or organization.


Grocery has been a part of QUINN’s roster of clients for over 50 years. While everyone buys groceries, our job is to make our grocery clients the only grocery store their customers choose. QUINN specializes in presenting our grocery clients as delivering the highest VALUE and not just screaming about the lowest price.

grocery and retail advertising


We know cars. We know how to move metal for dealers.  Our work with imports and domestics has won awards – and sold cars. Lots of cars. If you have aging inventory and want your dealership to have more impact, we have the experience to put together a results-generating campaign.


car dealers and automotive


Purchasing a home is simultaneously the rarest and most expensive purchase in your life. This category requires the art of long-term branding. Home marketing requires having a long conversation with potential clients so that when they are ready to purchase, they are already sold on the QUINN client.

Home Services

In a competitive market, we give our clients the same comfort with their advertising and marketing that they provide to their customers. Whether leveraging our direct marketing skills or our branding abilities, getting leads and driving traffic to brick and mortar stores for home owners is an area of specialty for QUINN.

banks and credit unions


Retail is where we’ve made our name. QUINN is proud of the success we’ve generated for a diverse range of ‘main street’ businesses; from grocery to furniture and everything in between. If you are in retail and are looking for a more effective strategy to reach more customers, talk to us about what we’ve done with other businesses in your category.

hotels and hospitality clients


Building, producing and merchandizing products is a high risk challenge, and the entrepreneurs and leaders who produce great products require a partner who is willing to go the extra mile to get your products in the hands of clients and customers.

food and beverage advertising


We believe in giving back. We believe that not-for-profits deserve great work so that they can continue to support their important work in our communities. Developing brands, campaigns, to leverage your media dollars to benefit from media in-kind opportunities, we can help you reach your clients, your community and your donors. Talk to us to see how we can give back to you.
Non-profit advertising


Separate from the nonprofit category, QUINN has brought decades of success to our Not For Profit clients. These essential community groups do amazing work in a unique business context. QUINN has helped think-tanks, chambers of commerce, political organizations and even grass-roots community groups. While these groups don’t count profit, they do count the impact of positive change. QUINN has been proud to ensure their message is clear, their call-to-action is compelling, and their budget is maximized.

manufacturing advertising agency


Almost everyone is fighting some medical issues. QUINN medical clients enjoy being positioned as being the only logical choice in their specialty. Over the decades we have maximized the budgets of dentists, skincare doctors, plastic surgeons, weight-loss clinics, and hospitals. There is a tight-rope of sales and information when advertising in the medical category…and QUINN walks that tight-rope with great success.

heating, HVAC, carpet and tile services


Professional services need laser-targeted media and creative strategies that engage their audiences to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. We’re proud of our results in targeting audiences with precision through creative that breaks through the clutter, and our ability to generate interest and leads in both traditional and digital media for these providers of skilled services.
Professional services direct marketing services


We love our government, and we’re proud to help various agencies and departments engage with their constituents, customers, visitors, and other audiences. We’ve developed award winning campaigns and strategies for a variety of public sector agencies, ranging from entertainment promotion to health and environmental awareness.
public and municipal agencies


Financial institutions require outstanding creative and strategies that drive the ROI for their marketing investments. We have track record of success for banks and credit unions.

banks and credit unions


Whether supporting local franchisees of national brands, or building a new brand from the ground up, we have the creative, operational, and media expertise to generate new bookings through both digital and traditional advertising and direct marketing.  Make your reservation with QUINN now.


hotels and hospitality clients


Every business is competitive, but we understand that food service and restaurants need to win customers every day. We drive customers and build brands for some great restaurants and breweries. Hungry for more results? Let’s talk about the impact we can make with traditional, digital and social media over lunch or a beer.

food and beverage advertising