QUINN is more than a full-service advertising agency. We’ve been investing and building our capabilities to provide the most complete, efficient, and valuable solutions for our clients for nearly 50 years. Our services provide the finest strategic marketing thinking combined with ground-breaking creative teams and results-focused traditional and digital media planning.

As the marketing landscape has become more complex, and required more content and quality at an ever faster pace, we’ve expanded both our content marketing and production capabilities to meet the need for quality as well as limited content and video production budgets.


We do not settle for the obvious, status quo or trendy solutions to marketing challenges. Rather, we strive to highlight your competitive advantage. We deliver your unique selling proposition in a relevant and compelling manner that attracts attention, and achieves the desired results.


“Over the past 15 years, QUINN has consistently delivered a brand strategy for Gus Johnson Ford while always providing solutions to leverage my strengths and opportunities in a changing marketplace. Today, we have one of the most trusted automotive brands in the region. I highly recommend QUINN as a partner for brand strategy, creative and media buying.

Gus Johnson

Dealer Principal, Gus Johnson Ford


Our creative services department is an idea factory. We believe great ideas come from capable minds working in many directions. Our award-winning creative team will make your target audience take notice and take action.



Quinn Group was key in taking the Huckleberry’s brand from that of a more traditional grocery store and evolving it into Spokane’s natural and organic headquarters. The Quinn Group team provides strategic direction and breakthrough creative that has led to growth in an extremely competitive local grocery market. We now have 15 satellite Huckleberry’s locations across the Northwest.

Don Whitaker

Director – Grocery Merchandising, Huckleberry’s Natural Market


QUINN believes that digital and traditional media should not compete, they should work together. We believe in omnichannel deliver. For this reason we’ve invested in being one of the very few fully-integrated digital and traditional media teams in the Northwest.

Digital Media


We all do it: We all search, view, click, browse, play and work online every day and every hour on desktops, tablets and phones. But as much time as we are online, few advertisers have a strategy or plan to reach their customers digitally. We provide paid search (SEM), PPC and targeted display, social media, pre-roll video, digital audio, and social media advertising through an experienced team of digital media professionals. QUINN is a Google Certified Partner.



The media mix is more important than ever. QUINN researches and analyzes traditional media across the Northwest to identify the most impactful and cost-efficient media to engage your audiences with the maximum reach and frequency. Using the industry’s finest media planning and buying tools you can be assured of getting precision and value from your media budget with QUINN.


“QUINN has been a fantastic partner to INB, helping us greatly increase our brand exposure and grow our market share. From strategy to implementation to tracking to iteration – QUINN’s experience and ability to leverage traditional and digital mediums for maximum results is incredible. We have great trust in their ability and value our relationship.

Jason Miller

Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing and Culture, INB


An effective content marketing strategy needs a strategic plan. We coordinate paid media, writing, editing and production capabilities to produce engaging content. QUINN has an in-house studio the the equipment – and critically – the talent, to create a wide range of cost-effective content for distribution in any channel.


Every strategy requires a detailed understanding of your customers, competition, trends, and the ability to extract the insights to develop solutions that perform. QUINN leverages various data sources and provides in-house research and survey capabilities to provide visibility into opportunities and solutions to obstacles. Data is our friend.


We view ourselves as the custodians of our client’s public image. We understand the power of the press, and the importance of aligning your brand with the concerns and interests of your customers. In the mind of the consumer, what others say about you may have more credibility than even their own experience. Knowing the connections of influence, and how to support the conversation in a disciplined and impactful manner is critical for organizations of all sizes in our information saturated culture. This dimension of your communications and brand strategy is a reason we stand ready at all times to be your brand advocate with the media and the market.


To cost-effectively address the need for both quality and cost controls, QUINN has invested in building a studio, acquiring the state of the art equipment, and bringing on the people who know how to write, shoot, record, edit and mix dynamic, informative, and great-looking content for your brand.